Kruger Park, South Africa, day 2, Safari

We entered the Malalane gate at the bottom of the map, drove around most the day, stopped for lunch, and spent the night at Preterluskop. I was on a tour that Dave at Old Vic’s Travellers Inn gives. Ted was our super guide, then he went home and Dave arrived and cooked us a BBQContinue reading “Kruger Park, South Africa, day 2, Safari”

Chimp Eden and Sudwala Caves, South Africa

Jane Goodall spreading her message and giving a better life to abused chimps. I was thrilled to be here. The Sudwala Caves are the oldest Caves in the world. See how the staglitites and stigmatites meet in the middle, forming a column. That kind of formation takes zillions of years to form. Now you know. Continue reading “Chimp Eden and Sudwala Caves, South Africa”

Hiking at Oliphants River Lodge

I was told these mark the start of the trail, but I still did a double take, because there is a leopard here and if I was very fortunate, she would show herself. But no, I was not so fortunate!Whoever marked this trail has a great sense of humor. Those little human paws better pickContinue reading “Hiking at Oliphants River Lodge”

Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge

Perfect cycling weather and road, cool with rolling hills and little traffic. Although the clouds were a little troubled with lightning and I might get soaked.It was true, life was great down this road. Thank you Uncle Barry! Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge was a mere 12 miles and should have been easy, but fromContinue reading “Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge”

A day in Ezemevelo Campground.

Bets and Sone (a French name) invited me for brunch. Their warm welcome and hospitality amaze me. Bets brought her wood carving project, Sone is crocheting a blanket for her first grandchild to be born in June, and I paint in my sketchbook. We talk and laugh. It is like having instant old friends! ByContinue reading “A day in Ezemevelo Campground.”