Cycling to Cullinan to tour the diamond mine.

Waking early to a quiet morning, but of course there is always an early bird chirping in the trees. Took a quick shower in the open air stone shower. Such a cool experience and everything is swept clean. Cycled off to Cullinan, only six miles away, for a lovely breakfast of a ham and cheeseContinue reading “Cycling to Cullinan to tour the diamond mine.”

Cycling from Pretoria to Somabula Game Reserve, South Africa.

By 7:30 am my bike was packed, breakfast was eaten, plus a peanut butter and jam sandwich stowed in my front pack for a hunger attack on the road. Using the app I was off. In about five days I would figure out how to let it direct me verbally but with a fewContinue reading “Cycling from Pretoria to Somabula Game Reserve, South Africa.”

Safari in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa.

Our ranger, who also drives the truck, stopped so we could watch this old bull in musk eat, turn towards us, eyeball us and actually scratch the truck before she finally pulls away. It could have easily tipped us over, being twice as heavy as the truck. Meanwhile she keeps yelling at us to stayContinue reading “Safari in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa.”