(Backup) (Backup) Drakenberg, South Africa

The Baz Bus picked me up at my accommodation in Johannesburg and I requested a drop off at the Ampitheater Lodge in the Northern Drakenberg. About four hours away and over a mountain pass. I was looking for an area to cycle for a few days, not too rugged or too populated and with secondaryContinue reading “(Backup) (Backup) Drakenberg, South Africa”

Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge

Perfect cycling weather and road, cool with rolling hills and little traffic. Although the clouds were a little troubled with lightning and I might get soaked.It was true, life was great down this road. Thank you Uncle Barry! Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge was a mere 12 miles and should have been easy, but fromContinue reading “Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge”