Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge

Perfect cycling weather and road, cool with rolling hills and little traffic. Although the clouds were a little troubled with lightning and I might get soaked.It was true, life was great down this road. Thank you Uncle Barry! Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge was a mere 12 miles and should have been easy, but fromContinue reading “Cycling to Oliphants River Lodge”

Cycling from Pretoria to Somabula Game Reserve, South Africa.

By 7:30 am my bike was packed, breakfast was eaten, plus a peanut butter and jam sandwich stowed in my front pack for a hunger attack on the road. Using the app I was off. In about five days I would figure out how to let it direct me verbally but with a fewContinue reading “Cycling from Pretoria to Somabula Game Reserve, South Africa.”