Day 26, Palas dei Rei to Arzua, Spain Oct 5, 2008

17 miles. 1,350 ft. ascent, 1,300 ft. descent. 8:30 am to 2 pm Clear blue skies, crisp and breezy. Perfect for walking in my long-sleeve shirt. Now in the Galacia region, where James the Apostle of Jesus, preached the Gospel for 30 years. This is documented evidence. After 30 years he went back to visitContinue reading “Day 26, Palas dei Rei to Arzua, Spain Oct 5, 2008”

Day 23, Las Herrerias to Triacastle, Spain. Oct. 1

16 miles, 1,300 feet ascent and descent. 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Begin with a steep grade along a stream. Emerald green fields, trees along the stream. Cows taken out to graze for the day by an older man or woman.  Another day of walking with Roberto. “Good companions make short miles.” His girlfriend isContinue reading “Day 23, Las Herrerias to Triacastle, Spain. Oct. 1”

Day 22, Cacabelos to Los Herrerias, Sept 30, 2008

17 miles, 1, 500 ft. ascent, 8 am to 3 pm Gorgeous fall day with blue skies. Leaves are starting to turn to yellows and reds. Climbing into the Sierra de Ancares mountains. Women in peasant garb in trucks going out to pick grapes, wearing peasant scarves and dresses. In the mountains a woman inContinue reading “Day 22, Cacabelos to Los Herrerias, Sept 30, 2008”

Day 21, El Acebo to Cacabelos, Spain, Sept. 29

18 miles, 1,300 ft. descent, 8:15 am to 5 pm  I buy NEW BOOTS. The view down the mountain into Ponferrada from the Leon mountains is spectacular. It feels schizophrenic to walk from the “time stood still” village yesterday into a town with two nuclear power plant stacks today, only 11 miles away. Walking downContinue reading “Day 21, El Acebo to Cacabelos, Spain, Sept. 29”

Day 19, Hospital de Orbigo to Murias, Spain, Sept 27

12 miles, 600 feet ascent. 7:15 to 1:30 pm My feet are killing me today. I am battling large blisters, draining them with a needle every night and putting blister pads on them. Today is my day! In spite of my feet, I am joyous.At 10 am there are church bells in the distance.“Good speedContinue reading “Day 19, Hospital de Orbigo to Murias, Spain, Sept 27”

Day 15, Calzadillo to Sahagun, Spain

13 miles, fairly flat terrain. 7:30 to 11:30 am. Highlights of the day: *Hovering kestrel hawk over the harvested grain field. *Blue sky, light breeze, cool. Delightful path through open country. *Caffe con latte with sugar and crossiant mid-morning. Things I NEVER have at home. Coffee upsets my stomach, sugar is bad and a crossiantContinue reading “Day 15, Calzadillo to Sahagun, Spain”

Day 13, Castrojeruz to Formista, Spain, Sept. 21, 2008

15 miles, 400 ft. ascent and descent. Started out just before it got light. Left the village on a dirt road between two barns, going into the countryside. A Scotsman, Robert, joined me at we headed out of town. He was chatty and good walking company for a few days. Not as fast as PeterContinue reading “Day 13, Castrojeruz to Formista, Spain, Sept. 21, 2008”

Day 12, Tardajos to Castrojeriz, Spain

18 miles, 750 feet of ascent. 7:15 am to 2:30 pm. Spent the day walking and talking with Peter, who started walking from his home in Nuremburg, Germany on July 2. He has walked across part of Germany, all across Switzerland and France. He is a fast walker and we had lots of fun talkingContinue reading “Day 12, Tardajos to Castrojeriz, Spain”

Walk With Me, Tyler Burgess’s Itinerary 2008

Here is my planTake train to Seattle August 19, 2008. Visit children and grandchildren.Friday, August 22, Fly from Seattle (leave 10:55 pm) to London (arrive 5:30 pm), with Vicki, my companion and client for the England walk on Hadrian’s Wall Path. Hike Hadrian’s Wall Path, 84 milesAugust 24. Train from London to Newcastle Upon Tyne.AugustContinue reading “Walk With Me, Tyler Burgess’s Itinerary 2008”