Day 31, Olveiroa to Fisterre, Spain Oct. 10

My last day of a 550 mile walk across northern Spain on the Way of St. James Pilgrimage.   21 miles, hilly along the coast. 8 am to 2:30 pm. Going to the Coast of Death, as it is known for the many shipwrecks off this coast. 1987 was the last shipwreck. Dip in theContinue reading “Day 31, Olveiroa to Fisterre, Spain Oct. 10”

Day 29, Santiago to Negreira, Spain Oct. 8, 2008

12 miles, 850 ft. descent, 1,150 ascent in rolling countryside. 9 am to 1:30 pm The first three hours are lightly foggy.Leave Santiago on an ancient footpath through vineyards,farms woods of holly and eucalyptus, which is fragrant.The modern suburbs are dimly above and separate from the trail.Scarecrow in a cornfield.Black grapes in vineyards. Stone wallsContinue reading “Day 29, Santiago to Negreira, Spain Oct. 8, 2008”

Day 27, Arzua to Monte de Gozo, Spain, 2008

22 miles, 656 ft. ascent, on rolling terrain, with 1,000 ft. descent Walked fast with Patrick from Sweden all day. We walked and talked and entertained each other. Had lunch then dinner together and it was pleasant. Although I did think it strange, as he promised I would, that he brought his medium along, oneContinue reading “Day 27, Arzua to Monte de Gozo, Spain, 2008”

Day 24, Triacastle to Barbadelo, Spain, Oct. 2, 2008

15 miles, not much ascent, mostly easy descent on ancient paths lined with chestnut trees. 7:50 am to 4 pm Fabulous day of walking. Beautiful, green country looks like England.   Met Wilson again, good visit with Wilson about life. The stone pathway, called a corredoira, is lined with ancient, huge chestnuts and oaks. InContinue reading “Day 24, Triacastle to Barbadelo, Spain, Oct. 2, 2008”

Day 22, Cacabelos to Los Herrerias, Sept 30, 2008

17 miles, 1, 500 ft. ascent, 8 am to 3 pm Gorgeous fall day with blue skies. Leaves are starting to turn to yellows and reds. Climbing into the Sierra de Ancares mountains. Women in peasant garb in trucks going out to pick grapes, wearing peasant scarves and dresses. In the mountains a woman inContinue reading “Day 22, Cacabelos to Los Herrerias, Sept 30, 2008”

Day 17, Mansilla to Leon, Spail, Sept. 25, 2008

17 miles, 300 feet ascent. Feel good. “Free Leonese Country” is spray painted on advertising signs.Yesterday I crossed the border into the Leonese region of Spain.Fall tint of red and yellow in leaves. Checked into the Benedictine Convent and was warmly greeted by a nun. Payment is on a donation basis. They separate the womenContinue reading “Day 17, Mansilla to Leon, Spail, Sept. 25, 2008”

Day 5, September 13, 2008

Irache to Los Arcos10 miles, 600 ft. ascent8:30 a.m. to noon Cloudy, breezy day, pleasant walking through rolling countryside. Castle on hill. Moorish fountain.Huge, round bales of golden hay.Ripe, black grapes in vineyards along path.Bamboo in ravines.Ripe blackberries.Pines, olive groves. Chatted with English couple from Yorkshire again. Stayed at Pension Mali, 35 Euros.My feet acheContinue reading “Day 5, September 13, 2008”

Day 3, El Camino into Pamplona

From Villava, through Pampalona, to Puente La Riena15 miles, 1, 150 ft. ascent. Leave 7ish, arrive at 4:30 pm. Arrived in Pampalona about 10, though once the Basque capital Iruna. All signs are in both Spanish and Basque.Walk into Pampalona along the river path, passing pens of horses, cattle and gardens.Up into the huge fortress,Continue reading “Day 3, El Camino into Pamplona”