Sketchbook diary May 12, 2023, Turkey

I returned my rental car in Neveshir, near Goreme in Cappadocia, Turkey. ($326 a week). I didn’t have a hotel reservation but drove to what seemed the downtown, according to my map app, and happened on one. It was the equivalent of $20 a night, with breakfast. Nice towels, private room with bathroom. From here I took a bus to Antalya, where I didn’t have a reservation either, and would arrive at 9:30 pm. The buses are very modern and comfortable, plus they make a stop where we can have dinner. It’s very pleasant.

What was fun was strolling through past the neighborhood shops, where I seemed to be the only foreigner, all the women wore head coverings and long robes. Some would nod and smile shyly at me. I felt welcome.

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