Hobbiton movie set, New Zealand was a highlight for me.

I loved the movie set. We had a two hour tour.

 There is nothing behind the doors, just the hill.

 The poorer Hobbits lived on the lower part of the hill.

 There were several gardeners. This is a wonderful vegetable garden.

 A nice bird house.


 View from Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole.

 Bilbo Baggins’ Hobbit hole, Bags End.

 The tree above Bilbo’s hobbit hole is exactly as described in the book and is made from plastic. The cost was $40,000.

 Some young men from the Kiwi bus. They were all fun.

 The Green Dragon Inn from across the pond.

 A mill. Ghandolf rode across this bridge.

 The Green Dragon Inn

 At the Green Dragon Inn you could have a beer or ginger beer, which I had.

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