Day 4 on my El Camino

September 12, 2008, Friday
13 miles, 1, 072 ft. ascent.
Puente La Reina to Frache
8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Cloudy, breeze, cool walking, but a coat is not necessary.

Hilltown appears on the horizon, Maneru. It reminds me of Italy with the church in the middle, surrounded by homes with red tile roofs and vineyards with black grapes leading us to the village.

The path takes us directly through the town, as it was actually built to take care of pilgrims in the 1070´s. Narrow, winding streets and old buildings. Totally charming.

Stopped by a cafe and visited with an older couple from Yorkshire, England, in the sunshine.
Walked over a Roman road and a bridge built by the Romans.
Past two huge monasteries and a hermitage built to help pilgrims in 1060.
Visited with two Australian women from Tasmania.

Next to the medieval hermitage is a wine cellar with special offerings for Pilgrims, a fountain of both water the wine.
Had a little wine here, it was good. And about half a mile later found the most expensive hotel to stay in. I just could not continue on to the Pilgrim hostel…. One man was asleep on the bench at the wine fountain, another had a burro and stopped there, too.

Now that was a fun day.

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