Day 10, September 18, Belorado to Atapuera, Spain

18 miles. 1,300 ft. ascent. 8 am to 3:30 pm.

Walk up and through Montes de Oca.
Pine forests to rolling countryside. Peaceful.
Bells jingle on cows.
Lunch with Spanish friends, a local dish of blood and rice and sausage. It was very good! They are leaving tomorrow and I will not see them again.
Met Jan Bryant on the trail. She is also from Eugene and works at Sacred Heart as a traveling nurse. She had heard of my business, Walk With Me.
Hostel in Atapuera is 7 Euros in a new pre-fab building. It is nice and clean. 
Walked to the local archeological museum and a Pre-historic Park. There is a famous dig quite near where early human bones are preserved. The park reproduces the cave drawings found near here. Once a rhino lived here, as well as the wild bulls. It is all very interesting and educational, making it fun to walk through the country side and imagine wild bulls behind the trees.
Dinner with my new friends Dayon, a young woman from Nigeria studying in Germany to be a German teacher, and Wilson, a 35-year old man from Brazil.

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