Cycling to Emalahleni

Thankfully, the ranger gave me a ride from the campground to the paved road. It had rained a bit, was muddy, rough and I would be exhausted after a 12 mile ride!

He, and everyone else, are flabbergasted that I am riding through South Africa at all, and especially by myself! Crazy American granny!
It was great cycling on the R104 road again with mostly only double trailers hauling quarried rocks or coal. The road was often wide but I would pull off if they had no room to move around me. 
About noon I stopped at a roadside tent at the entrance to one of the mines. They were selling food and I bought the chicken and pap combo. My other choice was beef and pap. It was good, with gravy and a light curry flavor.  Along with a Coca Cola, for afternoon energy. They pulled up a chair for me and we chatted as I ate. It was a mother, her two daughters and a boyfriend, hoping the truckers would stop for lunch. 

We did a group selfie.

They were the highlight of my day. And they were curious about me, of course. Was I cycling for a charity? Was I by myself? What about my family?
Why was I doing this? I told them so I could meet them. And that was the best reason of all.

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