Auckland Coast to Coast Walk and Hauraki Rail Trail ride, New Zealand

On my first day in Auckland, New Zealand, January 10, 2014, I did the lovely nine mile walk from the Pacific to the Tasman Sea.

 It starts at the main harbor.

 People bungy jump from the Sky needle in the background, though not me!  There was a container of children books on the wharf.

 Great signage on the walks.

 An old building on the University of Auckland.
 Albert Park.


 There are some nice trails in the parks.

 Charming homes.

 Cornwall park is still a working farm.

 At the top of the part is an oblesik.

At end I dipped my toe in the lagoon .

 The sign at the end.

 From Auckland I  took the bus to Thames. Here I spent the night with Peter and Diane. We have mutual friends in Germany. Diane cooked a lovely dinner with fresh vegetables from her garden.

 In Thames I rented a bicycle and spent three days cycling the Hauraki Rail Trail .
I spent the afternoon touring an abandoned gold mine .

In Waihi I spent the first night and toured a working open pit gold mine.

 At the end I got to hold a troy ounce of gold and a slab of silver. This is what comes out of a 100-ton rock.

 The trail through the gorge.

 My second night was in Te Aroha.

 On the return I walked through the gorge. The ride  was about 75 miles.

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