Xanthos, Turkey

It’s magical to walk by an UNESCO World Heritage of Xanthos, site on my route, it’s only fenced on one side. Entry fee is about $3.00. My Canadian trail buddies were here, too. Then I wandered alone among the ancient tombs before heading off into the mountains. The mountainous part was very risky and difficult. The trail was often on a washed out rocky road. Where one loose rocky or step could send one down a rocky cliff, Then the trail was actually in a Roman acqueduct about a foot wide, over a ravine. It was hard and nerve racking and I was tired. Finally, by 4 pm there was a road across the path, which I took to Uzumlu. That was only 3 more miles, but such a step hill it took me two hours. At the first opportunity I stopped at a Camping site. It had a nice bungalow and hot showers and good food, and belonged to a nice family.

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