Walking to Alhandra, Portugal.

Watch carefully for the pilgrim signs, as I do not have a guidebook, but an online app that needs internet. Thankfully, I find a Vodafone store en route and buy a SIM card for internet.

Still, the signs must be carefully followed as there are twists and turns leaving Lisbon.
Right away I met two pilgrims, a couple from Russia, Natalia and Ingrid. But they stayed at the first albergue and I went on, so I may not see them again. 
After leaving the city, it is totally flat, continuing on into farmland with dirt path and roads. Along the river are boardwalks through the wetlands and parks. Lovely.

I spent the night at a fire station offering a mattress on the floor of a large room, clean and I had it all to myself. It was on a donation basis. There was really no place else to stay, so I was grateful.

The town square was lovely. In Alhandra.

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