Walking from Alhandra to Valada, Portugal.

Another beautiful day of walking through flat farmland. Thankfully there is occasional shade from the huge reeds that border the road. But otherwise I pull out my umbrella and it is like walking under a tree. It is great. The farmers harvest vast fields of tomatoes with machines, dropping a few along side the road where they are well smashed. 

I had the greatest experience in a small casa, I was the only one there and my handsome host practiced his Fado guitar, fixed me dinner and breakfast . I was the only one there. It has been two and a half days since I have met another pilgrim and that was a couple from Russia.
Walking alone all day I meet myself. It is not that boring.

First light along the Rio Tejo. On the pedestrian path.

Ponds and water flowers of some sort.

Mural of a pilgrim along the path.

Nuno, my gracious host in Casal des Areias in Valada.

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