Train traveling in 2021.

The train trip was pleasant and everyone was well spaced apart.
It is so good to see my family in Seattle again. Everyone is vaccinated and well.
From the West Glacier train station, I cycled into Glacier National Park, along Lake McDonald and up the Going to the Sun Highway. The road was closed before the Loop, something to do with an avalanche! But the next day the road was open and I cycled to the Loop. After that point, snow plows are still clearing the road of snow.
Also, I hiked to Avalanche Lake, 4 miles round trip. Funny thing is people ask where I am from and have I been here before. Then I tell them I was born and raised in Wyoming and lived in Billings, Montana for 18 years. Now I live in Eugene, Oregon, and this is my first trip to Glacier National Park! Gorgeous as it is, we stuck closer to home, the Big Horn Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons.

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