Walking the Malibu Coast on the California Coastal Trail

In my guidebook, “Southern California Coast Walk”, you will find instructions for finding tide charts and recommendations of when to walk to avoid high tide. The rule of thumb is to start the section between Trancas and Santa Monica at two hours before low tide. This gives you at least four hours of walking before the tide really starts to get high again. But tide level varies according to season. Also, because I did not always catch the best time frame, I walked some along the road. 

Some of the most beautiful homes in the world are along the Malibu Coast. This is when the tide is out.

But you can see where the water comes in at high tide, way up under the house. So plan accordingly because it can be dangerous. The guidebook will show you beach access routes.

 Yes, I found myself gawking at the lovely homes. It was so fun.

What a beautiful beach, at low tide. It all disappears under water at high tide.

These neighbors sit above it all, enjoying a fantastic view.