Chicken collection in Massif, France.

This huge building was an run down old barn a few years ago. The family reconstructed it into a lovely gite, or inn, for pilgrims. They are great cooks, have a lovely garden for us to sit in, and so hospitable. One great thing the pilgrims do is bring opportunities for restoration of old farmContinue reading “Chicken collection in Massif, France.”

Sketchbook diary, Sweden July 14 to 18, 2017

July 14 in Stockholm. We took the afternoon train to Vaxjo, Sweden. Stayed 3 nights to visit the Immigrant Museum and Glass Museum. Fascinating little town, too, with a lovely old town and lots of parks. ┬áIn all my travels I have seen my fair share of churches, and the cathedral in Vaxjo is aContinue reading “Sketchbook diary, Sweden July 14 to 18, 2017”