Riva Del Garda, Italy

We arrived in Riva late afternoon by ferry from the far end of Lake Garda. After leaving Vicenza by train, only an hour away, we arrived at Peschiera and found we had four hours before the ferry departed for Riva. We killed time as best we could, strolled through the massive fortress which still has a water-filled moat, rented lounge chairs and an umbrella at the beach and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. 

The next day we hiked up the mountain for three hours, finding fantastic views over Lake Garda, and snacking in the shade.

Dany, my 21 year old granddaughter from Ecuador. She is a great travel companion!

Sailboats on Lake Garda.

The trail was really steep.

We were treated to fireworks 💥 because it was the last night of a festival. 

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