My volunteer job on Virginia

Home for four months in Prince William Forest Park, Virginia is in this cabin campground, 32 miles south of Washington DC. My job description is to check in and out groups. So far there has been a wedding and a father-son night. Usually group are booked back to back, but with the pandemic, things are slow. Also, I walk through the buildings and grounds every day. My house is a two bedroom cabin furnished by the National Park Service. It has all amenities, with air conditioning and laundry nearby. For transportation, I only have my bicycle and it is a hilly six miles, one way, to get groceries or use WiFi. But the ride is through the park, mostly shaded, and little traffic and I only go once or twice a week. It is great to be here and living in the forest. These are photos of my cabin, with my John Deere Gator parked on front, which is for use only around the campground.

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