Milford Track tramp, February 2014

I took a boat to the start of the hike of the Milford Track.

 This is a remote wilderness hike. I carried a sleeping bag, clothes, rain jacket and a cooking pot in the backpack.

 I am hugging a huge red pine tree.

 This are gets 9 to 15 feet of rain each year.  I was so fortunate to have four sunny days.

 Almost at the summit is a memorial to the explorer, Quintin McKenzie, the Scotsman who discovered the trail.

 Alice is from Lake Como, Italy.

 Sutherlin Falls.

 My new friends from Israel. It was fun to meet so many people from all the world.

 It is 33.5 miles of hiking through gorgeous wilderness.

 At the end, there is a 20 minute boat ride to Milford Sound.

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