Day 7, September 15, 2008

This hat I bought the second day on the trail, as the first one blew away in the mountains. It is looking well worn, as I stuff it in my pack until I really need it.

Logrono to Najera
7:30 am to 2 pm.

See many familiar faces on the pilgrim trail today. We all greet each other with “Buen Camino”, meaning good path.
Met a new South Korean woman and young Japanese man.

At ten a.m., sit on sun on steps, sharing snacks with a young Spanish couple and the South Korean woman, of licorice, apple, nuts, cheese. The young Spaniard asks, “Can I marry you?” He thinks I am rich to have a month in Spain! Ha, Ha! Good thing his girlfriend cannot understand English.

Then I walk up the steps to visit the local church, which has a carved alter piece covered in gold. Put 1 Euro in the box and it is illuminated. Met a couple from California there, doing an auto tour of the Camino.

Cover my blisters with blister pads. Wear my lighter WrightSocks. Feel good today.

Saw a rebuilt conical stone hut. It has a bench all around the inside and one small window, opposite the door. There are several ruins of these huts along the trail. Were they tombs, shelters for sheepherders or farmers?

A great battle was fought on a snall knoll along the trail. Roland, the Christian, killed the giant Muslim here, which marked the beginning of the demise of Islam here.

Pass lots of vineyards today with dark purple grapes and some light green ones.
Almonds falling to the ground from trees.
Lots of huge, furry caterpillars on the path.
Purple fall crocus.

Around a beautiful lake: Black ducks, fishermen, big, sucker-type fish visible from the bridge.
Stay at San Fernando Hotel, 35 Euros. I am not yet into the hostels.

Asked the receptionist about the bull fight poster ad I saw. Is it tonight and where is it?
Are you alone? She asks. Yes I am. Come at 5 pm and I will go with you to the bull right. It is very close.

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