Cycling through Occoquan, Virginia on USBR 1.

Taking the morning at a bike shop to get new brake cables, one had broken and the other was nearly there, I also picked out new bike gloves. Then I cycled on USBike Route 1 through Occoquan, past the old Chinn farm, which is now a huge shopping mall, to the Metro Station in Franconia and took the Metro into Washington DC where I spent three nights at the Hamilton Hotel so I could see the fireworks on the Fourth of July. One reason I like riding my bike is to stop and enjoy the local history, which had a huge impact on our nation. It was fascinating.

I got off the Metro at the Arlington Cemetery stop (I have been to the cemetery a couple of times) and cycled across the Potomac River on the Arlington Memorial Bridge, around the Lincoln Memorial, along the Mall and left on 14th Street to my hotel. It was about 36 miles of leisurely cycling, including a break for a slice of apple pie in Occoquan.

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