Culture Shock in Arizona

My Second Culture Shock in Arizona. After seeing the camouflaged, big-bearded man, armed with two pistols at the big grocery store in Colorado City, Arizona, on my first trip to the grocery store, on my next trip to civilization from the Grand Canyon wilderness, I decided to try the Dairy Country Store also on Colorado City, looked like a homey store. Except for the odd sign at the entrance—NO Proselytizing, NO Soliciting, NO Cameras, NO Loitering. Now it was all I hoped for, organic, mostly local products. There are only three well-stocked aisles. Fortunately the sign did not say no gawking, perhaps assuming I had better manners than I do. It was staffed by three women and one similarly dressed customer, Except for three wiggly young boys at the ice cream counter. The women all wore the same pattern dress, in different solid colors, long sleeves, with a puff at the shoulder seam, ankle length, black socks and black sandals, similar to Chacos. No wrists or ankles showing! The women had the most beautiful complexions, like they have never been in the sun. The one and only hairstyle is a French braid, but loosely puffed up in front. They were so sweet, giggly and chatted. I loved them. And asked about their dress. One told me they are FLDS. So later I asked the ranger about them. It is Fundamental Latter Day Saints, a polygamous group. Not a part of the official LDS group. The ranger has a contact with the St. George police, for those who want to leave the sect, they can provide safety and help find a job. Meanwhile their leader, Warren Jeffs, is serving a life sentence for marrying a 14-year old girl to a man more than twice her age. I have gone back shopping a couple of times because they are friendly and lovely. And of course, for a scoop of ice cream.

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