Cape Town and Table Mountain, South Africa.

The “tablecloth” blanketed Table Mountain so thickly I could see for about 20 feet. It was a cool hike up anyway. Then I took the cable car down. In the afternoon I visited the South Africa Natural History Museum and strolled down to the Victoria and Albert waterfront for some great food. 

Hiked from Plattekilp Gorge to the top of Table Mountain. It is well sign posted and there were many people on the trail.

A quick view of Cape Town from the cable car on the way down.

In the Natural History Museum are original rock paintings by the San, or bushman, people. These were just ripped up from their origins and deposited in the museum years ago. They have no idea where these are from, because that’s the way it was done then.
These are the biggest antelope, with the dew drop flesh under the neck. About as big as a cow, so lots of food. Really beautiful art, in my opinion.

The black porcupine.

The ardvark. Not easy to spot in the wild as they are nocturnal and stay in the bushes. 

So some things are just okay to see in a museum.

A caracel cat, I think.

This cat has rings on it’s tail, so it is a genet. We saw one on our night safari drive in Krueger National Park.

The Aardwolf.

Another original piece of rock art by the ancient San people.

Strolling through the old Dutch gardens, originally planted to supply ships passing from Holland to the East Indies.

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