Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Thrilled to be at the Cape of Good Hope! 
The Baz Bus has a day tour in their van to the peninsula for a tour. One highlight was riding their bicycles for three miles in the countryside. 
People lived here at one time. Charles Darwin visited here, also. Now it is a preserved area with a few old cottages turned into guest cottages and a museum. 

We can took a short boat ride out to see the seals on a big rock. 

Or perhaps these are sea lions?

The African penguins nest on the beach. At one time I thought penguins were only in Antarctica, but I have swum with them in the Galápagos Islands and seen them nesting at the tip of South America near Ushuaia.

We visited the park office and museum and had a picnic lunch that was provided. It was amazingly good, a sort of buffet with salads and sandwiches and fruit. 

A few blocks from the beach with the penguins is a charming little town.

Finally, we take a short hike up to the very tip of the peninsula, the Cape of Good Hope. It was a beautiful day, with just a hint of a breeze.

Looking down from the cliff- top trail.

Here is an interesting note of history.

A lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula. 

Hiking up to the top. 

View out to the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a landmark of a day. But there was another landmark coming up in just a few more days!

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