Sketchbook diary, from Slovenia to Italy

My two travel companions and I decided to leave the European Peace Walk at Lake Bled in Slovenia and take a bus to Trieste, Italy where it is sunny. We can start walking the Roman Road Via Postumia in Italy. It heads across northern Italy on the way to Santiago de Compestello, Spain. But we are only going to walk to Venice, this trip.

My sketchbook diary in Europe.

On May 23 I started walking the European Peace Walk, a trail starting in Hungary and going to Trieste, Italy. 

The first day of the walk we had breakfast in Hungary, lunch in Slovenia and dinner in Croatia. We wandered around looking for the trail in the woods and again in the fields. The countryside is lovely.

We are loosely organized as a group, but I did arrange to meet two walking companions in Budapest and we would walk together, was the plan. 

Three countries in one day!

We began the first day of walking 200 miles from Lenti, Hungary to Trieste, Italy today. 

Breakfast of three egg omelet and a big white bun with butter and apricot jam and tea was in Hungary. We walked, and wandered through woods until we crossed the border into Slovenia. About noon we stopped at a food cart and bought Langoš, fried bread basically. A very local food deep fried, brushed with garlic and topped with pumpkin oil, a little local white cheese and paprika. And bought half a glass of local Chardonnay, delicious! 

) Budapest, Hungary

Bronze shoes memorial along the Danube River. A tribute to the Jews who were lined up here, told to take off their shoes, were shot by the Arrow Cross Party, and they fell directly into the river. The Arrow Cross Party outright murdered 10,000 to 15,000 Jews and sent 80,000 people to concentration camps where they were cruelly executed.

I am standing in Pest, looking across the Danube River to Buda.

This Stumble Stones are in front of this building commemorate a Young Jewish boy killed in 1943.