Ashland, Oregon Walk With Me

This little town is filled with charm, as well as actors! Walk down the classic Old West Main street into the Historic Railroad neighborhood.

Available in Ashland at Bloomsbury Books, 290 E. Main St.
Online at or

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I saw this when I was looking for a walking group or tour when I am in Ashland in 2 wks. I was so surprised to see you had done the Cotswalds. That is exactly what I want to do. I have been checking into it just recently. Looks lovely. Did you hire someone to walk with you or did you just pick up a map and start walking?Thank you,Judy

Hi Judy,
My apology for the delayed response! You guessed it, I picked up a map at the visitor center at Chipping on Camden and made reservations as I went. My hostess arranged to transport my backpack everyday, as they all know each other. It was a beautiful walk! Tyler

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