A day at Oliphants River Lodge

Usually I avoid having a restful day while traveling or on vacation, but I made an exception at the Oliphants River Lodge. It was drizzly and overcast. The indoor heated pool was not only inviting, but a lovely glassed in conservatory. I could paint postcards. Why would I be out riding my bike in the rain if I didn’t have to. And everything was complimentary, thanks to the generosity of the owner, Uncle Barry. 

The conference attendees had a early lunch, so as I sat down to eat alone, Uncle Barry came in to the lodge dining room and asked if he might join me. I asked about the history of the lodge. He had a ranch next door and bought the small hotel that was here. Being a carpenter as well, he enlarged the room we were sitting in and gradually added the rondavals, conference rooms, a restaurant, private rooms, three swimming pools and riverside campsites. Down the road are his luxury villas. 
He asked how it would compare to a resort in the USA. I pretended that I would know this. 
For one thing, I have never seen photos of a dining room with a thatched roof soaring 50-feet in the air. So I told him that was truly exceptional and unique. The art work carved on the wooden buffet serving table of a rhinoceros, elephant, water buffalo, lion, and 

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