A Blue Lagoon day in Piran, Slovenia

Waking up a bit tired from yesterday’s 15 mile walk to Croatia for lunch, and back, I walked about five minutes over to the sea for a swim. There is a long sidewalk around the tip of the small peninsula and people lounge in sidewalk cafes just over looking the water. 

The water is so warm and clear and several small docks for swimmers are along the same path. When I got out there was a group setting up an open water swim competition so I went home and showered off the salt water and came back to watch. 
Competitors were all sizes and shapes swimming around a course of big orange bouys in the bay. 
Some did one lap, others two laps. It was pretty calm water, sunny and ideal for a big swim. 
The afternoon I spent sipping a Blue Lagoon, a fancy non-alcoholic fru-fru drink, had a cheese sandwich and colored my sketchbook and made postcards at a sidewalk cafe. It is nice they do not bring you a bill until you ask and you are welcome to stay as long as you want.Strolled up to the remaining city walls to watch the sunset. 

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