Kruger Park, South Africa, day 2, Safari

We entered the Malalane gate at the bottom of the map, drove around most the day, stopped for lunch, and spent the night at Preterluskop. I was on a tour that Dave at Old Vic’s Travellers Inn gives. Ted was our super guide, then he went home and Dave arrived and cooked us a BBQ dinner. It was pleasant enough to sit outside. 

Another wonderful day filled with wild animal sightings.

Our guide and driver is Ted on the left. The couple in the middle were Irish and the other couple is German. 

Fun travel companions.

Hippopotamus in the river.

Sofia is South Africaan and was on the hut next to me. Somehow, I got a private hut. Sofia, her husband and two young children live near the Malalane gate, but they are enjoying a few nights away from their kids. She was very sweet and friendly. It was great to meet her and her husband. They speak English, but not Africaan, although Sofia is learning so she can converse with the Africaan folks.

A kudu buck.

Crocodile on the rock.

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