Waitomo glow worm caves experience in New Zealand

First the Black River Rafting company dressed us up and and took our photo. I was with a fun group from our bus, the Kiwi Experience.

 We learned how to lower ourselves with the rope and harness. That is me on the right.

 Then we lowered ourselves 120 feet down a very black hole into the cave.

 Next  they surprised us as each person did a zip line into total darkness, something they failed to mention beforehand. Just for the joy of hearing us scream. But then we got a snack and drink.

Next we jumped off this platform into cold water, wearing wetsuits and holding an inner tube to our bum. Some people landed right side up, others not so much.

 We did a tummy dive down this slide.

 And walked and walked through the water in the cave. Occasionally it was chest deep.

 We scooted through this narrow opening on our tummy.

 We got more treats before continuing on through the cave.

Yes, we did see glow worms, which appear as bright lights on the top of the cave. But do not make exciting photographs, I guess, as I don’t have any of them. We could not take our cameras.

We all emerged alive and smiling. It was fun, although my feet were numb from the cold water.

We arrived back at their headquarters, had a hot shower and all the hot tomato soup and bagels we could eat.

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