Portland Walks

“Can I color this guidebook? (Portland Townscape Walks)  I want one I can color.” Since I have been asked this question many times by adult women, (!) here you are. It is the perfect girlfriend party activity. Invite your friends over, sip some wine, color and chat to your heart’s content. Great for girlfriend gifts. This is unique, charming and inexpensive. 

Cover of “A Life Well Walked, In Portland, Oregon”

You get to name the woman, her dog, as they walk over the Vista Avenue Viaduct Bridge.

Every page is filled with the growing family’s life  as the
couple meets at Coe Circle,
marry in the Fremont neighborhood,
walk up to Mt. Tabor, and
wend through Sellwood.

One sad day, tragedy strikes. (After all, this is real life and we must walk through it.)

The mom walks through her grief in Forest Park.

Seasons change.

The growing family walks
past the Rose Garden Arena,
over the Steel Bridge and
past OMSI, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Eventually bidding the young adults goodbye as they walk on into their lives, the couple walks in Spain, Italy and England. 
You go too, vicariously though, with on-the-spot sketches from my walks in Europe.
You can order this charming book for only $4.99 at           www.walk-with-me.com/store.html                                                     “My sister would buy this for me because I like to walk. I would buy it for a friend because she has suffered a loss.” Myrna S.

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