Day 9, September 17, Santa Domingo to Beldorado

13 miles, 600 ft. elevation gain, 8:30 to 2 pm. Stop for coffee, lunch, snacks, a siesta on a bench and visit the small churches for a brief moment.

*Rolling hills, harvested farmland. Cross the border from La Rioja into Castilla, Leon. 
*Architecture changes. Vineyards are gone, now farmland.
*Motorists honk and wave at us, the pilgrims. It feels good.
*Buzzards, as in a HUGE flock, circle a farm building.
*A Dubliner plays his pipe, like a flute, in churches in the small villages. Fantastic to sit and listen, or hear as I pass by.
*Visit with an Irishman and others on the trail. It helps pass the time and is interesting.
*See the famous and old baptismal font at Redecilla.
*Walk through Tenth century villages built to house and support the pilgrims.

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