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CALENDAR 2017. Charmig watercolor sketches of my walk across Northern Spain on the Way of St. James, 315 miles. Click here to order today!
Size is 8 x 8 inches. There are 13 months.

Only $9.99.

California Coast guidebook

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COAST WALK Click here to order today!
A guidebook for walking from Malibu to the Tijuana River, 188 miles

This great guidebook puts the Southern California Coast on the map as one of the world's top long distance walks. The route covers miles of fabulous Pacific Coastline, cozy neighborhoods and the lovely Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, a coastal state park. This is the very best guidebook for this long distance walk. WAIT, you can also walk one day at a time, three or four days, or make three one-week walking trips to complete the entire walk.
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Only $17.95

england yorkshire picture

EUGENE, OREGON WALKS Click here to order today!

Walk, run, bike through charming neighborhoods, along the river, up and down forest trails, the UO campus with these 32 maps, in a unique and charming book. "A great guide to Eugene walks." Larry Turner, Olympic Trials in Eugene, 2008.
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Only $9.97.


Solo adventure travel by a 65 year old woman. Overland Track, 50 mile backpack. East Coast bicycle tour, 470 miles. Three Capes Track, 30 mile backpack. Genuine and charming daily sketches of her vigorous trip.

Only $9.99.


Oregon townscape walks book cover

OREGON TOWNSCAPE WALKS Click here to order today.

Discover the magic of urban Oregon. Over 50 routes in more than 20 towns near I-5. Over 285 miles to walk, run, or bicycle. Includes Portland, Ashland, Oregon City, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, Springfield, Roseburg, Jacksonville and more! A love letter to small towns in Oregon.
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Only $9.99.

Portland Walks

PORTLAND TOWNSCAPE WALKS Click here to order today!

A handy guidebook of ten routes to explore and experience this wonderful city. You wind through beautiful neighborhoods, along the river, up into Arboretum and zoo, past cozy shops and cafes, with friendly folks greeting you as a neighbor.

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Only $4.99.

SEATTLE TOWNSCAPE WALKS Click here to order today!

One of the world's most beautiful cities presented as a dramatic event in the stunning landscape of the Northwest. Interesting routes for walks and runs. Fantastic views, cozy neighborhoods, historic sites, Pike Market, Space Needle, Elliot Bay, Bainbridge Island. 210 miles connected by 52 maps for 52 weeks of adventure.

Only $9.97

SIENA, ITALY TOWNSCAPE WALKS Click here to order today.

Explore Siena on your own. Walk to the five fabulous city gates, to the highest contrada, the botanical garden and along the fortess walls. Enjoy extra sketches of each walk. Plus where the restrooms are located!
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Only $7.99


Charming sketches of a wedding France, walking across Switzerland 315 miles on the pilgrim path to Santiago, Spain and hiking around Mont Blanc, France. Solo adventures by one of world's wonderful wander women. Great gift item!
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Only $9.99

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Tyler Burgess
Tyler Burgess is a former University of Oregon Adjunct Faculty teaching fitness walking and marathon walking instructor at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.

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